There are hundreds of billions galaxies in the universe and a galaxy has a billions of stars, And our sun is one of them!
YET at another level-a smallest perceivable space has all of it at all its multidimensional form. Well for the comprehension of human mind, this here may not make a sense but the truth lies here.

OM - Purnamadah Purnamidam Purnat purnamudachyate.
Purnasya Purnamadaya Purnamevavashisyate.”

Meaning: as explained elsewhere “That is whole, this is whole, from whole comes out of whole.
If Whole is subtracted from whole, still whole is left.”‘Whole’ can be replaced as ‘infinity’ also. ‘That and this’ refers to OM.
(Understanding this meaning might not help, you have to feel it, but still I intend to write about this so that at any point in your life you might sense this meaning.)
This describes the secret of the universe origin. The ‘OM’ which is the static silence initially spread across the entire universe called as free-space. Due the self compression properties of the energy particles, there created pressure and force which is described as shakti. By the virtue of evolutionary process the living beings are originated in this universe. We are all part of the static silence or core consciousness (you can say it also GOD).

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